Finding a good carpet cleaner in Coventry is important for two reasons: Firstly, you will get your carpets looking spotless again. Secondly, and more importantly you will ensure that your family won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals. It is very important to hire a professional carpet cleaner, as improper use of chemicals can cause serious health hazards to your children and pets.

There are several things you should look out for in order to find the perfect carpet cleaning company for your home. The first thing we’ll be checking on is their reputation – does the company charge fair prices for their services? How long have they been in business? Are there any complaints lodged by customers against them at Better Business Bureau or similar agency? Additionally it would be good to know their previous clients’ feedback.

Steam cleaning

It would also be good if the steam cleaner they use has environmentally friendly chemicals to clean your carpet, as harsh chemicals could have long term effects on your health or even soil children’s toys and baby furniture that comes in contact with the carpet. If  they don’t offer eco-friendly water, you should think about switching services straight away because that means there will definitely be use of harsher detergents for the cleaning process. However if your carpet has already been damaged by strong detergents, you may want to use eco-friendly solution for the last rinse, which will lift any remaining dirt particles and prolong the life of your carpet. You should also ask if they have a water filtration system to purify water before using it on carpets.

The end result of proper steam cleaning will be a deep-down clean that has been proven to last up to 5 years, It is also important for them to use hot water extraction method, or simply HWE. This ensures that the soil in your carpets is properly lifted. At this point you should ask if their detergent contains any perfumes or dyes, because such additives tend to stain the carpet and attract dirt. Besides, some carpets are not colourfast and can be discoloured by dyes. Some companies do offer free-of-charge spot removal, which is an advantage over other services that charge a fee for cleaning small areas.

Steam cleaners are also suitable for pet owners, as they can be used safely on areas like upholstery, drapes and even wooden floors with linoleum or wooden overlay. However if you use such services make sure they’ll remove pet hair from the carpet which would otherwise attract dirt in future home visits – companies that don’t do this should be avoided at all costs.

What you need to ask

Now let’s take a look at what we need to ask our prospective carpet cleaner in Coventry before signing any contracts – do they provide insurance against accidental damage caused by their equipment? Some companies charge extra for this coverage, so you should check the cost of such services in advance. If problems arise while cleaning the carpet, it’s nice to know that there is someone you can turn to for help in case something goes wrong or isn’t up to scratch. Additionally we may consider fining the company if that happens, but it all depends on the situation. Also check whether your carpet will be protected after cleaning by any additional layer or coating, like stain resistant treatment or water repellent – non-treated carpets will require protection in case of high exposure to moisture and heavy traffic.

The price of steam cleaner services is another aspect you should look into. It is normal to pay between £20 to £50, although this number may vary depending on the size of your home or room, etc. However make sure the quote doesn’t rely solely on square footage as this can get quite misleading – thick carpets take more time to dry than thin ones, so a fair carpet cleaning company should account that when giving a quote. Also include your carpet’s type when asking for a quote, since some carpets are more durable than others. As a result it makes sense to clean them at least once on an annual basis – cheaper cleaning services may not offer the best results, so you might want to consider paying extra for good quality service and peace of mind.


After reading this article we would recommend taking a few things into consideration before hiring someone – firstly check whether their equipment poses potential risks as some companies charge for insurance against accidental damage, secondly check what chemicals they are going to use in the cleaning process to see if there is a potential risk for your health or pets’ health – you may want to opt for eco-friendly solution if that’s the case and finally check whether they will protect carpet from traffic after leaving – some companies offer free drying services while others charge you for that.

Generally speaking, if the price is lower than average then there should be a catch, so make sure you check whether the cost includes carpet drying and protection. – a fair carpet cleaner in Coventry should know how much time they need to clean different types of carpets in order to give you an accurate quote. All in all we hope this guide will help you in selecting a good carpet cleaning company to handle your cleaning issues with discretion and ease – if you have any further questions please feel free to ask for advice.

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