Skips are used in many different and diverse industries, from collecting rubbish in urban areas, to disposing of building waste or transporting materials around large sites. It is also common for people to hire skip bins if they simply want a cleaner home environment to live in or need somewhere safe to dispose of everyday household items like unwanted clothing and appliances which are broken or on their way out.

What can you put in a skip?

Any skip hire company in Bristol will tell you that if it can fit down the skip then you can put it in, but there are some things that most skip hire companies won’t take and they have to abide by very stringent regulations. If they don’t, then they could lose their licence and be unable to dispose of your skip at all!

Most skip hire companies will not take paint or asbestos (whether new or old). They must dispose of all waste properly and this is one thing that they most definitely cannot do. Most skip hire companies will only accept household waste, with industrial/commercial being dealt with by specialist skip hire companies in Bristol.

What size skip is best to Hire?

All skip sizes have benefits. The following are the skip skip sizes and their corresponding uses:

The mini skip is popular in small-scale household waste removal projects,  such as when you are clearing out your garden shed or garage, whilst a builders skip would be more suited to large commercial building projects.

Mini skips

The mini skip is the most popular skip in the UK.  Like the name suggests, this skip size is ideally suited to small household waste removal projects or similar sized building projects such as garage clear outs and garden shed clean ups.  

Mini skips are available in 1-2-3-4 cubic yard sizes, with a typical capacity of between 40 – 120 black bin bags (240 – 960 domestic rubbish).  This makes them ideal for recycling larger items such as kitchen appliances or furniture that you may be struggling to fit into your car. These mini skips can hold an extremely large amount of waste especially when they are filled with plastic bottles and card board. Bathroom and kitchen fittings are also easily stored in a mini skip skip hire as they are very roomy.

Larger skips

Larges skips are great if you don’t want to be charged by weight or are simply looking to get rid of more than 240 bags worth of building waste in one go.  The large builders skip can hold up to 1000 domestic sized black bin bags, which is equivalent to approximately 1600kgs worth of construction debris! These skips are ideal for larger renovation projects where there is too much waste to fit into smaller skip sizes.

How much should you expect to pay for skip hire?

Businesses or households in the UK are likely to hire a skip, if they have large volumes of waste that need disposing of. The cost of hiring a skip will vary depending on where you’re based and what’s in it, but for most people, skip hire in Bristol is very affordable. A typical skip hire price can be obtained by contacting one of the many skip companies throughout Bristol.

They will also offer to get a quote for skip hire in Bristol that suits your needs and will discuss with you any additional costs such as the use of a crane or disposal charges. Prices can differ depending on whether you want a mini skip (8 yards), medium skip (14 yards), large skip (20 yards), skip container or skip lorry hire.

When you fill the skip, skip companies will normally provide a skip weighing service at no extra cost and some will even take away any waste material if you prefer to dispose of it in this way. Also, be aware that some skip hire businesses offer discounts for paying upfront, so keep this in mind when making comparisons between the skip prices of different skip companies.

How much weight can you put in a skip?

A lot of people think that there are certain measurements which determine what size skip you must choose, however this simply isn’t true. Weight restrictions on skips are rarely are met because householders (unlike builders or landscape gardeners) don’t tend to fill skips with loads of really heavy waste, like soil and rubble.

File:Photo of a yellow skip filled with rubble from a house renovation project.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsSome people may need a larger skip than others, as they have extra rubbish to get rid of… A good example would be if you needed to hire a skip to renovate your loft, you could look for a skip hire company with larger skips as more heavier rubbish would be produced.

Some companies offer their customers different sizes of skips. Depending on the job they are doing and whether or not the customer has enough room outside for the skip, that’s when they decide which size is best. Also if you are hiring out builder skips then we recommend that you buy one with bigger dimensions; this will allow more space within the skip for builders waste and rubble.

These days most skips are made from steel, although some prefer wooden ones too! When buying or renting a skip one thing which customers should remember is that skips tend to weigh between 1 – 2 tonnes (2 – 4,000lbs). This means that they will need extra space outside for this heavy piece of equipment. These days most builders get their supplies direct from the factory; therefore we see more and more skips being transported directly to site on lorries. Skipping lorries will weigh around 8 tonnes

We understand that it isn’t possible for every skip hirer to know the exact weight of their rubbish, Out of courtesy, always contacts company before hire to inform them skip is likely to be filled with heavy objects.

Skip hire Permits and Licences

An example of where you might need one or more construction waste licenses is when renting out skips for building work. This is so that your legal insurance will be fully covered in case something goes wrong on site. Also this doesn’t just apply to people working with builders, but also homeowners who decide to carry out their own home upgrades.

Skip Hire Permits andAffordable skip hire in Swanage Licences let people know that a company has taken measures to ensure that their business will operate legally and correctly. Most of the time when hiring out skips businesses only provide what’s known as a ‘waste carriers license’. This means that they will only be able to handle waste which they have been given permission to do. However a company whose customer is renting out the skip will need a ‘waste broker license’. This means that they can accept and distribute waste from various organisations or companies. 

This next part is important for everyone who has even thought about planning on starting a skip hire business, as well as existing customers who are interested in knowing more about being professionals themselves! Most people think that if their rubbish doesn’t end up in landfill (and it shouldn’t) then this means that they are doing something good for the environment. However we need to give our skip hire customers a fair warning about this…

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘One man’s junk is another man’s treasure?’ This means that people value their stuff in different ways. Let us explain… 

For example, some items may be valuable to lots of people (eg: computers and mobile phones) but other things will only have one buyer who wants them (eg: some scrap metal). This means that there are two options for construction companies when disposing of waste on site. They can either pay the council to take away this waste, or they can use a licensed skip company . If they choose the later then it is possible for them to sell on their rubbish as well as recycle it if they wish. This means that you may end up with your skip being filled with things which aren’t very useful to the general public, but of course this could be good news for people who run a skip hire business. If they sort out what other companies consider as rubbish and sell it on, then it means that they can make more money from their skip!

Once you have hired a skip in Bristol you need to be aware that the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) will decide what happens to the waste inside. In fact many MRFs are now owned by private recycling companies. Therefore if these organisations think that junk might contain something valuable then they will take it away themselves first.

Where does the waste go?

If your skip has been put out with rubbish it’s considered by other people to be junk, then it could end up at the local landfill site! When most individuals think of waste skips they only consider the following types… 

Paper, metal and some plastics are usually able to be recycled by being sent to an MRF. This means that even if your skip hire company doesn’t sell what’s inside your bin straight away, there is still a good chance that they can recycle it for you in the future. For example scrap tin can be sold on by recyclers who want it for smelting purposes or steelworks companies may buy old scrap iron for use in manufacturing…

While all councils in the UK have to offer their residents a free recycling service, this doesn’t always mean that they can recycle everything. For example, a few years ago some local authorities said that they couldn’t take any more glass bottles and jars. This meant that anyone who wanted to get rid of their own or unwanted drinks containers had no choice but to pay for them to be recycled privately . You might think that because these councils are paid by your tax money it would be wrong if you didn’t save them money! However there are some people who think differently about this.

How High Can You Fill a Skip?

The average skip can be filled completely ( i.e. to the top) by about 20 blue bin bags full of rubbish, if they are all squashed down flat! Of course this doesn’t take into account any other waste which you might want to put in your skip like carpets or heavy slabs of concrete unless it is broken up first for safety reasons…

If a skip is half filled with stuff then an excavator needs to come along and tip out all of the contents before more waste can be added. This means that hiring a bigger skip isn’t such a good idea because you may find that there is less room inside even though it holds more… 

What happens when I am finished using my Skip?

When people need to fill a skip with waste they often don’t think about what happens afterwards. If you are after some tips and advice on skip hire in Bristol then we can help… 

When your skip hire company has emptied your bin then the contents will be taken away by either them or another specialist company. They may also send loads of rubbish away for recycling as well as disposing of it. Companies which dispose of rubbish sometimes land fill their waste or they burn it, but many now use an environmentally friendly method called Anaerobic Digestion. This is where food and garden waste is turned into a gas that can then be used just like natural gas!

Once you have hired a skip in Bristol you need to be aware that the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) will decide what happens to the waste inside. In fact many MRFs are now owned by private recycling companies. Therefore if these organisations think that junk might contain something valuable then they will take it away themselves first.

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