Wedding Venues Birmingham

Choosing a wedding venue might seem like an overwhelming task but it really doesn’t need to be as stressful as some people would have you believe
There are many factors that must be taken into account before deciding where the celebrations should be held, Such as budget, climate conditions (especially in Birmingham) and size of guest list.
Of course these three alone can sometimes make this decision very difficult but luckily with some careful planning most couples eventually manage to choose their perfect wedding location and we’re here to help!
A good place to start when looking for a wedding venue is considering the type of location you’d like in Birmingham. Do you want a huge ceremony with loads of well wishers and even more guests? Or maybe something smaller where it’s more intimate, just close family and friends.
Make sure that everything is planned properly before the big day itself too as part of ensuring things run smoothly; this means writing out a schedule containing various times for each event during the day so no one gets confused and understands what will be happening at exactly what time. If there are any children on the invite list then it might also be worth looking into hiring someone to entertain them for parts of the night or perhaps giving them something else fun to do – try contacting some local clubs to see if they can offer a deal on their facilities for the day.
Something that many people often overlook when choosing their wedding venue is how well the location represents them as a couple. For example if you’re getting married in Birmingham then it’s obvious to see why you’d want your wedding to be somewhere that reflects its gorgeous surroundings like a typical English country garden for example! However this kind of scenery isn’t going to look good in, say, Las Vegas where you might prefer something more contemporary and glitzy.

Venue Size

The size of the venue is important too; are there enough toilets or do you need portaloos? How about seating for guests? Don’t start panicking just yet because obviously most locations have these things available but it’s worth considering these options beforehand rather than running around at the last minute.
It should also be mentioned that most venues have minimum numbers of guests they require – don’t assume this number means exactly how many people you must invite! This figure is just an approximate based on what the venue thinks might be ideal for them, which could mean that you could even have more guests there than the minimum number and still be fine.


What about catering? Can they provide that too? Don’t worry too much about their wedding menus, but there’s no harm checking out what other people have said online. Just because someone says their food was amazing it doesn’t mean it’ll be exactly right for your taste buds so do try and look around online before choosing any caterers – so many people are now using social networking sites to check reviews off friends and family.


The décor is also very important when choosing a wedding venue in Birmingham so make sure you look around the place beforehand or even take images with your phone for later review. Will it suit your colour scheme and what about co-ordinating tableware or will you need to get some of that done yourself? It’s a good idea to check these things out before booking anything because then if there are any problems you can resolve them beforehand rather than having a dispute on the day itself!

Wedding Planner

For anyone using a wedding planner then of course they should take over most of these decisions for you but if not make sure you check out the location in advance to avoid any nasty surprises. These days with social networking sites it’s never been easier to get information about almost everything online, including what people say about different locations that they’ve attended weddings at previously.

Religious Preferences

If there are any religious preferences to consider then that would be an important point to note too, as some places may not be able to cater for this or perhaps they do, but in a way you’re not happy with or they are specific to a particular Religion. If it is the latter then it might be worth looking elsewhere as weddings represent feelings of love and happiness between two people; if those feelings aren’t represented on your big day then that could potentially lead to unhappiness in your marriage on days to come!

Your Guests

A wedding is a massive event and most people have been dreaming about it for years, so it’s important to make sure your big day is as good as you can possibly make it! However this doesn’t mean that the enjoyment of other people should be sacrificed because no one wants their guests having a miserable time. People are paying hard-earned money to come to your wedding.
Always remember that not everyone will want to be at your wedding, which might seem obvious but when trying to prepare for such an event you sometimes forget how many people are actually coming along. Have lots of activities in place to keep everyone entertained, even the ones who aren’t close friends or relatives. There’s no point having a huge wedding if you’re going to be spending all your time alone – it’s a chance to catch up with lots of people and make some new memories too!
Also make sure that you don’t have too many events together at any one time and try not to leave people waiting around – no one wants to be standing by themselves in a corner after all! It’s fine to have different wedding parties but keep them separate so everyone gets enough attention. You’re only looking at a few hours of your life so it’s better to enjoy those as much as possible rather than letting yourself get stressed over everything. Having said this don’t end up doing nothing and miss out on memorable times either – balance is key and you’ll know what’s best for you!
Do bear in mind though that no one can claim to have all the answers and there is no one-size fits-all approach to picking a wedding venue, as each couple will be different but hopefully this advice helps you when choosing your wedding location!

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